$799 MSRP

The MAKO is an exceptional half-frame manual hose reel for those who crave quality, function, and beauty.     

The MAKO comes standard with premium integrated features including non-corrosive polymer bearing blocks and 316 grade stainless steel manifolds that never fail. 

The MAKO, with a lifetime warranty, provides you everything you need in a manual hose and beyond.


Standard Super Swivel included with this reel is rated at a maximum of 4,500 PSI.

Standard Spool Width: 15-inch

Note: The MAKO may be custom ordered to varying spool widths and with higher maximum PSI rated swivels.

Cam Lock Brake

Variable Tensioner

3/8” Pressure Washer Hose 300’
3/8” Clear Braid Hose 500’
1/2” Clear Braid Hose 350’
5/8” Clear Braid Hose 250’
3/4” Clear Braid Hose 210’

Weight Empty: 32 lbs.
Weight Loaded: 67-84 lbs.

Dimensional Footprint: 18 1/2” x 13 3/4”

A (Widest Point – Super Swivel to Reel Handle): 31.8”
B (Longest Point – Back Plate to Front Plate): 16.5”
C (Height): 18.2”