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Creating high-quality reels for your specific needs

STINGRAY Reels were created with one driving goal—make reels great again. You want equipment that is rugged, durable, and goes the distance with great looks. We get it!

We are sprayers just like you. Over the years using and building custom spray equipment, we’ve experienced many different reels, made by many different manufacturers. They are good companies and decent reels, but we had some problems. We, like many of you, were frustrated and disappointed. Bearings would rust. Manifolds would corrode. Extras like hose guides and stacking kits were costly upgrades. And getting a reel in a timely manner? Forget about it. We’d finally had enough. We were on a mission.

We set out to make the best, to make a reel that we’d want to use. Reels that we’d be proud of to put on our trucks, trailers, and skids. Reels that would remove the usual pitfalls. Using high-grade 316 stainless steel. Lightweight, high-strength aluminum frames. Polymer bearing blocks. Throughput manifolds that extend pump life through less fluid restriction. Let’s not skimp or cut corners. Let’s make quality our rally cry. Then, back it with a lifetime warranty.

Invest in your equipment. Rely on— STINGRAY Reels.